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50% Off Appliances started as a simple Facebook page and rapidly grew into a substantial warehouse store in Minneapolis, offering a diverse array of appliances. Tasked with enhancing their digital footprint and streamlining inventory management, our collaboration focused on creating a sophisticated online platform, revitalizing their brand, and improving local market engagement.
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The expansion of 50% Off Appliances brought several challenges to the forefront. The store grappled with efficiently managing a vast inventory and required a system that could integrate and synchronize product listings across multiple online platforms. Additionally, they needed a refreshed brand identity to stand out in a competitive market and were looking to increase their visibility to local customers searching for appliances.


To tackle these issues, we developed a user-friendly website with a custom UX/UI design that showcases their products effectively and integrates seamlessly with the Facebook Marketplace. This integration allows for product information to be updated in one place and automatically synced across their website and Facebook store, simplifying inventory management. Alongside this, we crafted a new logo and a comprehensive brand identity complete with style guides to ensure consistency across all marketing and operational materials. We also implemented a targeted local SEO strategy to enhance their visibility on search engines and executed a strategic marketing plan to reach local consumers.


The results of our interventions were significant. The newly designed website combines aesthetic appeal with functionality, drastically simplifying the product listing process and reducing the effort required to manage online sales. Our rebranding efforts resonated well with customers, helping 50% Off Appliances to distinguish itself in the local marketplace. Furthermore, our enhanced local SEO efforts successfully increased their visibility on search engines, establishing them as a prominent name in Minneapolis’s appliance market.


The comprehensive overhaul of 50% Off Appliances’ digital and marketing operations not only streamlined their inventory management but also significantly boosted their presence in the local market. This case study demonstrates the transformative potential of integrated digital solutions in enhancing business efficiency and expanding market reach.

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