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The 18th Annual Minnesota Muslim Convention, a collaborative effort of the Dar Al-Farooq Center (DFC) and the Muslim American Society of Minnesota (MAS-MN), is Minnesota's premier Muslim gathering. Explore captivating programs, a Quran Competition, a lively marketplace, and family-friendly entertainment, all aimed at providing a memorable and enriching experience for you and your companions. Join us in unity to celebrate and learn together.
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MASMN faced the challenge of unifying its digital branding across multiple platforms while simultaneously enhancing their online ticket sales system. The existing online assets lacked cohesion and failed to effectively guide potential attendees through the ticket-purchasing process. This fragmentation was hindering their ability to maximize event attendance and overall brand impact.


To overcome these challenges, we developed a suite of graphics that resonated with the established brand identity and appealed to the target audience, ensuring consistency across all digital channels. We also created tailored social media post designs to effectively engage the audience, fostering interactions and driving traffic to the ticket sales website. Additionally, a user-friendly, visually appealing website was constructed specifically to funnel users seamlessly from interest to purchase, optimized for ease of use with a clear navigation path leading directly to ticket sales, supported by strategic calls to action.


The introduction of a unified branding approach across digital platforms, combined with a streamlined website for ticket purchases, led to substantial improvements in MASMN’s event metrics. The new website and social media strategy contributed to a rapid sell-out of tickets for several key events. There was a significant increase in overall event attendance, directly correlating with the enhanced online user experience and marketing strategies. Feedback from attendees highlighted the ease of navigating the website and the engaging quality of the promotional materials.


The collaboration with MASMN showcases our expertise in delivering comprehensive digital marketing solutions that not only enhance brand consistency across platforms but also significantly boost business outcomes. Our approach led to a direct increase in ticket sales and event attendance, underlining the effectiveness of a well-coordinated online presence in achieving business objectives.

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