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Founded in 2004 by Mike, a seasoned entrepreneur with a deep passion for the tobacco industry, Royal Tobacco has been an integral part of Brooklyn Center, nurturing community ties and serving generations of customers. In 2010, Mike expanded to Winona, drawn by its nostalgic charm and the community's warm hospitality. Tasked with rebranding and digital enhancement, Script Rocket was chosen to elevate Royal Tobacco's presence both online and in-store. Our project encompassed crafting a new website, engaging product photography, sophisticated packaging design, and a fresh logo to rejuvenate the brand.
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Before partnering with Script Rocket, Royal Tobacco faced several pressing challenges. Customer retention was dwindling; the foot traffic in both locations was less than ideal, affecting overall sales. The competition from surrounding stores further intensified the issues, placing Royal Tobacco at a disadvantage in a highly competitive market. These challenges not only threatened day-to-day operations but also hindered the business’s growth and expansion possibilities.


To address these challenges, Script Rocket implemented a multifaceted strategy aimed at reinvigorating Royal Tobacco’s brand and customer engagement. We designed a clean, easy-to-navigate website that effectively showcased Royal Tobacco’s products and highlighted the unique qualities of the brand. This digital storefront created an inviting online presence that attracted both new and returning customers. Improvements to Royal Tobacco’s Google listings increased visibility, making it easier for potential customers to find the store online, leading to higher engagement rates. The rebranding included a new logo and store aesthetics that resonated with both existing customers and attracted new patrons by enhancing the in-store experience. Tailored local marketing strategies were developed to increase community engagement and promote customer loyalty, focusing on both in-person and digital interactions.


The comprehensive solutions provided by Script Rocket yielded remarkable results. An increase in customer traffic was noted in both physical locations, with a significant boost in online engagement. Improved rankings on Google search results led to an increase in positive reviews, enhancing Royal Tobacco’s reputation and online presence. Sales improved markedly, facilitating further expansion and the ability to explore new market opportunities. These measurable improvements have set Royal Tobacco on a sustainable path of growth and profitability.

“Script Rocket made a beautiful website for me and helped increase my traffic to my store and website,” praised Mike from Royal Tobacco. This testimonial underscores the tangible benefits experienced by Royal Tobacco following our collaboration.


The partnership between Royal Tobacco and Script Rocket showcases our ability to transform challenges into opportunities through strategic digital marketing and rebranding efforts. The success of Royal Tobacco post-engagement exemplifies our commitment to enhancing our clients’ market presence and business growth. Script Rocket continues to lead businesses towards achieving remarkable success and sustainability in competitive markets.

This case study not only reflects the dedicated efforts of both parties but also Script Rocket’s prowess in navigating and resolving complex market challenges.

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